Creating Your Own Bedroom Sanctuary

A bedroom is not just a place of sleeping and spending time with your loved one. It’s your own sanctuary. It’s a place where you can relax and take a load off from the world as you think about your next move, get the right outfit together before a night out on the town, or even to get creative with your writing and music. Whatever you choose to do, it should still be a place of comfort where you can be your true self. Why not make it something even more spectacular and really deck it out to something that’s a work of art? Here’s how you can design your own bedroom sanctuary up to your personal standards.


Picking the Right Color Palette for Your Theme


Is your look more sleek and sexy? Do you want something that just oozes a certain serenity and peacefulness? Do you want something more modern and adventurous? These are all questions you should think about when customizing the color of your bedroom. The color of your room really sets the tone and mood subconsciously.. Typically, you should choose your colors by 60, 30, and 10. The 60% goes to the dominant colors (your walls), 30% would be the secondary color like your upholstery, and the 10% would help accent the room (accessories). All of the colors should blend together to create this sort of artwork. A good mix would be black and white. These are two opposite ends that really give your room a great contrast. You can have white as the primary color, black as the secondary, and the accent could be a hint of red. This trifecta of colors really play off each other well and will give your room a dynamic look.

Getting Some Good Stuff for Your Bedding


There’s nothing like having the right bed to sleep in after a long day at work. If you’ve had a mattress for 7 years, you should go out and get a new one. This will help you get a very comfortable vibe and it’ll probably help in your sleeping. You may want to take it a step further and replace your whole bed.  You can always get an adjustable bed set from different places that not only adjust the head, knees, and feet, but it looks good, too. Add some style to it like a custom headboard, maybe some distressed woodwork or even artwork. This will give you a sense of comfort and ownership beyond just a purchase.

Buy Some Accent Pieces to Make Your Room Stand Out

There’s nothing like having a few nice items to make your room look that much more amazing. Mirrors on the wall add a great touch and some illusion to the room. A good collection of vases adds some spice. You can even put a nice plant in your vase to give your room a more earthly look. Small throw rugs on the sides of your bed give your floor more color. Whatever you choose to build your sanctuary is up to you. Just make sure it’s your style and shows some expression of what you feel.