Greenhouse Options for Everyone


Many people enjoy the idea of growing their own fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs instead of buying them in the super market. Growing your own means you have control of what chemicals are being used on your food. Having a self-sustaining garden also gives you the reassurance of knowing where your food was grown and how long it has been sitting in storage. Unfortunately not everyone as the soil, climate, or space to have a big garden; if this is your situation a greenhouse may be the solution to your problem.

image2Greenhouse Variety

The nice thing about greenhouses is there are many sizes, types, and plans on the market to fit almost any yard space. Store bought greenhouses range in materials from the very basic PVC and Plastic to the wood and glass window version which affects pricing and durability. However if you prefer a more personalized greenhouse there are plans available online both for free and at a cost that give you step-by-step instructions as to how to construct your own year round greenhouse structure.

image3Why Use a Greenhouse

Greenhouse gardening extends the growing season allowing you to harvest for a longer period of time, as well as start seedlings earlier than if simply planting outside. A quality greenhouse may even allow you to grow certain crops such as tomatoes year round since they will be protected from the elements.

If your soil is unfit for gardening, a greenhouse provides you with a way to create an elevated yet protected planting bed that you control the soil type. Besides the ability to install elevated planting beds, greenhouses give you a space to create a garden work area for storing seeds, planting seedlings, and preparing hanging baskets for spring.

image4Space and Cost

The size of your greenhouse is completely up to you. This allows you to use smaller abandoned or ignored spaces of your yard in a more efficient and productive manner. Since greenhouses provide you with the structure to plant multi-tiered or vertical gardens, they provide for better space utilization.

Prices of greenhouses range from fairly cheap to moderately expensive depending on the materials and features that you want your greenhouse to have. When you are designing and building your own greenhouse from a plan you are in control of the materials you use and the price you pay for these materials which can sometimes be a much cheaper way to go.

Do you need a building permit?

This depends mostly on the type of structure you are planning on building. If it is to be a permanent wood and glass structure then you probably will need a building permit. However temporary PVC and plastic versions typically do not need one, but it is best to check with your city’s regulations directly.

Greenhouses are a great way to provide your family with fresh and wholesome veggies and herbs year round providing you with more nutritious foods and shrinking your grocery bill. They are versatile enough to work in most any yard, and flexible enough to be modified to fit your needs, making them the perfect addition to any yard.