How To Protect Shrubs And Trees From Rabbits

When winter comes most plants are gone. Yard pests like rabbits, mice, or voles still need to eat though. What that usually means for you is that the animals are going to try and eat the bark on your trees. Since pests are likely going to eat the bark off your trees you need to protect your thin barked trees.

Animals gnawing on the bark of your tree can leave a great deal of damage. The can leave open wounds on the tree that can lead to complications. In some cases small animals have even been known to girdle the tree, eating the bark all the way around the edge. This can lead to the actual death of the tree. If you value the trees in your yard you are going to have to do something to protect your tree.

In order to protect your tree you are going to need some fencing material. This material can be made out of steel or plastic. If your pests are a little bit more persistent, then you probably want to get steel instead of plastic. The aesthetics of the fence are also important; make sure you get a fence that will look good in your yard as it will be there for a quarter of the year. You will also need some pruners or scissors to cut your fence as well as some twist ties. The next step is to move on to protecting your tree.

Start by cutting out a piece of fence of appropriate length with your pruners or scissors. Once you have your fencing material you need to put it around the tree. Go up to the base of the tree and put the fence around it. You want the fence to be about as tall as two feet. Some experts prefer three and a half feet tall instead. Once you have the fence material all the way around your tree you need to secure it. Pull out your some twist ties and connect the two ends of the fence together connecting your fence together. Be sure to do this with every tree in your yard for the duration of the winter. When the winter is over and spring begins you can remove the fencing as the rabbits will go back to eating small plant life.

Putting up the fence will ensure that any pest in your yard will struggle to get access to your tree. Protecting the tree now will keep it from dying from the actions of the pests in your yard. By providing a barrier to the pests you will be telling them to go somewhere else, whether that is the woods or your neighbors, they will not be bothering your trees.

When the winter comes you need to protect your trees from pests. You have spent a great deal of money planting trees in your yard and you owe it to yourself to protect your trees. Put a protective shield around your trees today before the rocks get to it.