How to Set up Your Small Bathroom Storage

It can be quite difficult having your own bathroom storage with limited space, but it’s certainly doable when you have the right creativity and such at your hands. It’s all about maximizing your space to a point where everything runs efficiently in your bathroom. This kind of ease helps you really find the small items that may be harder to seek otherwise. Your bathroom should be a certain kind of sanctuary that you can get prepared at as well as relieve your tension from the outside world. Sometimes, this world can get cluttered with disorganized things, so having a good storage routine will make things easier. Here’s how to set up your small bathroom storage.


Build a Tall Cabinet on an Unused Corner

One of the best things you can do in a small space is use a spot where there’s an opening. If you have a space that’s open, take it and create something out of it that you otherwise wouldn’t have thought about. You can actually fill it up with efficient containers that you can get from a specialty store or even a hardware store without getting professional help. If you decide to stock toiletries, you can get the open shelves. This makes it a lot more visible¬† and easy to grab for printing. To make it even easier, you can actuallly customize your containers with a stick on vinyl letters, warehouse bulk or unopened items in a low close door cubby. If you tend to lose things, have a dedicated drawer to the supplies that always seem to go missing but you can easily relocate them to your advantage. Sometimes, even having a polaroid will help so you won’t exactly what needs to go in that particular spot. Make it easy on yourself.

Where Should You Keep Your Hairstyling Tools and Towels

¬†image2Hairstyling tools should be organized in plastic door packets that slide together for a custom fit. Clear containers work best especially if you’re the type that enjoys crimping or straightening hair. You also need to know specific gels or pomades that work well with your hair. This can get very cluttered in your bathroom and makes for a frustrating morning when you need to get things done much quicker. Remember, it’s all about efficiency in very tight spot. This will save you a lot of time and energy from the start.

Placing Your Towels in the Right Spotimage3

No bathroom storage is complete without the right setting of towels. You can place a space beneath the window to work by installing hooks for drying towels. Choose a vanity with open shelving that you can place with baskets to store extra towels or even toilet paper. You can convert up a teak bar cart into your own beauty trolley. The key is maximizing as much space as possible even in the smaller bathrooms so you can reduce the amount of residue that results from clutter in a tight spot. With these steps in hand, you’ll be on your way to creating better storage methods in your small bathroom.