Tips to Help Organize Your Pantry

Your kitchen pantry should really help you move efficiently in the kitchen. It’s not just a spot where you dump all of your stock  of food. It can really work to your advantage when you know exactly where everything is in a manner that feels like the back of  your own hand. Get it down to several steps where you know everything from the food to accessories. This way you’ll have no trouble cooking up meals for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Want a few clues on how to get it all together? Here are some good tips to help you organize your pantry.


Use Clear Square Containers for Good Storage Spots

One of the key ingredients in your pantry organization is using the space efficiently. You want to be able to maneuver in a way that helps everything fit accordingly. Not only that, you want to get it to much quicker without having to search through the depths of space to use a specific food or spice. A good square unit actually places things horizontally, so you can stack things up due to there being more room. Also, if you place your main ingredients in these clear containers, there’s less chance of things getting messy due to open boxes and packaging. This is a way to help you identify things more directly. Use an erasable label on each container so you know exactly what content lies in the storage space. By doing so, you’ll be able to reach the item faster and there’s less work for you to do to put things back in order.

How to Corral Certain Items for Efficiency 


When it comes to corraling, the key is to truly organize your items in a way that makes sense. For example, if you had cooking magazines in a kitchen full of items, a good tactic would be to place them by topic in bright colored organizers. If you were to manage baking pans, you can use a good dish rack to handle that. Whether you like it above your head or just in a typical space on your counter, it’s your prerogative on how you organize your utensils. Additionally, you can always use a large basket to hold your kid’s treats. Make sure you keep them out of reach in a place where you know your kids can’t get to them. Baking supplies are also good to keep in there in case you want to whip up a special batch of cookies or pastries.

image3Canned Goods and Other Items 

You can elevate your rows on shelf risers for better visibility with your canned items. Also, a lazy Susan can work to your benefit  by bringing items in the back of your cabinet up to the front with a quick spin. This saves you time from digging in the back and making a mess. With these tactics, you’ll have a sound method of getting to your tools, supplies, and food items without too much strain. Keep this in mind when you begin to organize your pantry.