Water Conservation Tips to Save you a Bundle

Greenhouse effect, drought, conservation, these are words that have been all over the media for years telling you to save water and prepare for the upcoming dry season. Many cities and states have implemented mandatory water restrictions that include tiered water pricing that gets substantially more expensive the more water you use. So how are you supposed to keep your home and family maintained if you are not supposed to use water? Here are some helpful ideas to start you on your way to water and financial savings.

Minimize Loads

Even if you have an older non-energy efficient washer, dryer, or dish washer, you can still save water by doing fewer loads.

  • image1Laundry – Before you throw that next mini load into the washer take a minute to think about whether there is something in the load that you really need, or can it wait until you have an actual full load. If you must do a partial load, remember to use the partial load feature. This cuts back on the amount of water needed to wash that particular load. Make sure not to over pack the washer when loading the washing machine to avoid over flows and allow your washer to work more efficient and effectively.
  • Dishes – Again, wait until you have a full load to start the dishwasher and only use the pots and pans cycle when you have tough dirt and grease to clean. Also, with the improvements that have been made on modern dishwashers, it is not necessary to wash your dishes before washing your dishes. If you have items that do need to be rinsed off before being placed into the dishwasher do not leave the water running between dishes; this saves wasting water as it simply runs down the drain while you are doing other things such as loading dishes into the machine.
  • Linens – You don’t need a new towel every time you shower. Cut back on loads by reusing the same towel for several showers. If you hang it up after each shower to dry it will be ready to go the next time.

image2Shower Instead of Bathe

It has been proven that by switching over to take a five to ten minute shower instead of bathing in a bath tub you use half as much water. If you take a lot of baths this becomes quite substantial. Also consider adding some spice to your relationship by showering together with your mate. This will provide you with some added intimate time together while being water conscious.

image3Oral Hygiene

When brushing your teeth do not leave the water running. A simple quick wetting of the brush and turn off the faucet until you are ready to rinse. If you don’t think that this will make a big difference, place a bowl in the sink the next time you brush your teeth and see how much water accumulates. That is how much water you are wasting every time you leave the water running when you brush your teeth.

Conserving water doesn’t have to be difficult or restrictive as long as you use common sense and some creative thinking.