Ways to Help your Soil Retain Water for your Garden

You want your yard to have great curb appeal while also conserving water, so how can you have both? There are many things that you can do to continue to conserve water while having a garden or lawn that beautify your home. Some of the ideas to follow may seem pretty straight forward and others may be something that you would never have thought about; either way they are a first step in keeping your yard water efficient and beautiful.

image1Plant Selection

Everyone has their favorite plants whether it is the appearance of the plant or its smell that is found so attractive. These are the same plants that we are typically drawn to when planting our landscapes. Unfortunately they may not be the best choices for your yard if you want to conserve water.

Choose plants that are indigenous to your area or an area with similar climates. This does two things, it provides your landscape with plants that will stand up to seasonal changes within your area without a lot of added watering, as well as saves you time and money from having to replace plants that are unsuitable for your climate.

image2Use Containers

Container gardening is a great way to add color and variety to your deck, patio or yard. With container gardening you control how much water your plants get and avoid the water you had planned for your plants running off due to slopping yards, or overly dry and hard soil.

image3Use Mulch and Soil Polymers

Using mulch provides an additional root barrier to your plants, shrubs, and trees to help regulate soil temperatures and minimize water evaporation. On slopes mulch is an important run off barrier that keeps water where it is intended instead of running downhill to the street or sidewalk. Mulch also cuts back on weed growth in those areas allowing your plants to get the nutrients and water they need without fighting weeds for them.

Soil Polymers are the same things used in diapers to absorb wetness.  Mixing these in with your soil, especially with container gardening, will help your soil retain much needed moisture and release it gradually over time cutting back on the frequency in which and the amount of watering that you need to do.

image4Group Plants by Water Needs

When designing your landscape consider which plants need what amount of water. Grouping plants that need to be watered regularly together cuts back on the amount of space you need to water as well as the time it takes you to complete your watering.

When gardening and trying to save water it takes a combination of research, common sense, and planning to create the ideal yard for your lifestyle while minimizing the amount of water used to maintain and nourish vegetation.